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Mazak to Showcase Additive Innovations at RAPID + TCT
Mazak’s HYBRID Multi-Tasking innovations create new levels of cost efficiency. These highly productive combinations of additive, subtractive and joining processes can eliminate WIP and transform manufacturing operations through reduced lead times, improved part accuracy, shortened setup times and streamlined processes.

Mazak to Unveil HOT WIRE HYBRID Multi-Tasking Technology at IMTS 2018
Mazak will further expand its Multi-Tasking technology when it unveils the new VC-500A/5X AM HWD Multi-Tasking Machine at IMTS 2018 in the company’s second Additive Manufacturing booth #432000 in the West Hall of McCormick Place in Chicago. As with all of Mazak’s growing models of HYBRID technology, the new machine offers manufacturers part processing capabilities beyond those of conventional multi-tasking to reduce lead times and part costs, increase machining accuracy and part quality and achieve even higher levels of...

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Mazak’s New HCR-5000S Specializes in 5-Axis, High-Speed Aluminum Machining
Source: Mazak’s New HCR-5000S Specializes in 5-Axis, High-Speed Aluminum Machining FLORENCE, Ky., April 11, 2018 – Mazak’s new HCR-5000S 5-axis, single-table (S) Horizontal Machining Center provides the aerospace and semiconductor/high-tech industries with numerous technological innovations for efficient small- to mid-sized aluminum component processing. The machine offers a range of high-speed spindle options, from a standard 12,000-rpm spindle up to 30,000-rpm one, and each feature an integral spindle/motor and ballscrew core cooling that minimize vibrations for higher accuracy. A 40-tool Auto Tool...

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Introducing the UD-400/5X – High Speed Precision
A. W. Miller is pleased to announce the availability of Mazak's new machine, the UD-400/5X. The Machine Capable of amazing levels of accuracy, the Ultimate Die & Mold (UD) 400/5X Vertical Machining Center handles efficient production of the highest standards. Fitted with a cutting-edge spindle engineered to bring an unprecedented degree of precision to machining master parts, full simultaneous 5-axis capability, spindle housing oil circulation, Ballscrew core cooling, and direct drive motors, the UD-400/5X is the leader in handling the longest of...

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New VARIAXIS j-600AM speeds up 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) with Wire-Arc Deposition Technology
A.W. Miller is pleased to now offer Mazak's newest release: The Variaxis j-600 AM Less than a week ago, Mazak introduced the VARIAXIS j-600 AM  VMC, further closing the gap between traditional (subtractive) and newer (additive) manufacturing technologies.   Showing off an entirely new Wire Arc-type metal deposition system, the VARIAXIS j-600 pushes the boundaries of BOTH sides of production with more than intimidatingly high speeds and cost-slashing operations. Machines with hybrid capabilities like the VARIAXIS j-600 are more versatile than their standard counterparts by: ...

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Mazak will Raise the Bar in Manufacturing Technology at IMTS 2016
Mazak will Raise the Bar in Manufacturing Technology at IMTS 2016 Company to unveil groundbreaking innovations designed to drive the industry’s future  The stage is set for Mazak Corporation to raise the manufacturing technology bar at IMTS. In booth S-8300, the company will demonstrate a host of new high-level developments in full digital factory integration, smart technology and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity – in addition to new machining and automation systems – all of which will prepare manufacturers for...

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