Introducing the UD-400/5X – High Speed Precision

A. W. Miller is pleased to announce the availability of Mazak’s new machine, the UD-400/5X.

The Machine

Capable of amazing levels of accuracy, the Ultimate Die & Mold (UD) 400/5X Vertical Machining Center handles efficient production of the highest standards.

Fitted with a cutting-edge spindle engineered to bring an unprecedented degree of precision to machining master parts, full simultaneous 5-axis capability, spindle housing oil circulation, Ballscrew core cooling, and direct drive motors, the UD-400/5X is the leader in handling the longest of grueling operation times without building up heat or sacrificing repeatability.

The tilt/rotary table’s weight capacity is just shy of 265 pounds, with maximum part diameters of 15.75″ and heights of 11.81″.

The Control: Mazatrol SmoothX CNC

Boasting the highest tier of Mazak’s latest master generation of Mazatrol, the UD-400/5X’s manufacture is matched by the SmoothX CNC control, making a perfect duo for machining dies and molds, medical/dental instruments. SmoothX provides a wealth of features that ensure minimal cycle times and the best part correctness, like Variable Acceleration Control, Active Vibration Control, and Seamless Corner Control.

Sitting on a heavy, compact & rigid base with a footprint that may fit in even the smallest of shops, this machine is the machine for those who require top-notch precision.


Specification Values
Capacity Maximum Workpiece Diameter 15.750 in / 400 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 11.810 in / 300 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper HSK-E40
Magazine Number of Tools 40
Rotary Axes Spindle Tilt (B axis) 150 degrees
Table Indexing (C axis) 360.0000 degrees
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 21.65 in / 550 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 15.75 in / 400 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 13.78 in / 350 mm


Source: Mazak Introduces the UD-400/5X for Micro-Precise High-Speed Machining