The ACC-DXNC series sets the standard for high precision and high-performance grinding in the realm of large component machining. These column type grinders, renowned for their durable Okamoto Column Grinding Solutions, are specifically engineered for 2-axis simultaneous grinding precision. Their rigid design, combined with powerful software capabilities, ensures they are the go-to choice for applications demanding the highest levels of accuracy and productivity.


  • Heavy-Duty design and construction features fully supported table and high rigidity traveling column.
  • Vee and Flat table ways assure true tracking and greater table load support.User-friendly conversational programming.
  • Choice of versatile grinding patterns – choose plunge, bias feed or step feed – then select one of 6 versatile grinding patterns.
  • High-accuracy flat and form grinding with programmable dressing and dress compensation.
  • Input increments as fine as 0.00001″.
  • Servo driven vertical feed.

ACC-DXNC Series Specifications
15 Sizes available
20″ x 48″ to 32″ x 120″

  • Table Working Area  W x L: 20″ x 48″ to 32″ x 120″
  • Distance from Grinding Wheel to Table surface: 23.5″ to 27.3″*
  • Grinding Wheel: 20″ x 3″ x 8″
  • Grinding Wheel Spindle: 20 hp
  • Floor Space: 213″ x 100″ x 86″ to 358″ x 162″ x 134″ *
  • Weight: 16,100 to 34,850 lbs*

*depending on models


Okamoto’s ACC-DXNC series epitomizes the zenith of high-performance column grinders, engineered for the demands of precision metalworking. These grinders embody precise engineering, offering unmatched rigidity and construction quality for long-term reliability and superior grinding performance. Designed for heavy-duty, continuous operation, the ACC-DXNC series stands as a cornerstone of industrial metalworking. These heavy duty Okamoto column grinders are built to last and endure the rigors of high-volume tasks, making them essential for achieving precise surface finishes and stringent tolerances on large components. The ACC-DXNC grinders are pivotal for sectors demanding accuracy and productivity. From aerospace to automotive, these machines provide the performance and reliability essential for maintaining a competitive edge in precision metalworking, raising the industrial standard for CNC grinding technology.

Standard Accessories

  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Adapter
  • Table Mounted Diamond Dresser
  • Automatic Dress Compensation
  • 20 hp Wheel Spindle Motor
  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Controller
  • Graphic Type Conversational Software
  • Leveling Bolts with Plates
  • Necessary Tools & Tool Box

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator
  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator and Paper Filter System
  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Chuck Controller
  • Grinding Wheel Balancing Stand w/Arbor
  • Grinding Wheel Adapter
  • 30 hp Wheel Spindle Motor
  • Vertical Spindle Attachment w/Dressing Device
  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Regulator
  • Signal Light

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