ACC-DX Series

The ACC-DX Series elevates manufacturing capabilities across a variety of industries with rugged performance and precision, these machines are designed with reliability and affordability in one package. These column type grinders represent the zenith of Industrial Okamoto Column Grinding Machines, engineered to cater to the rigorous demands of precision machininig.


  • Heavy-Duty design and construction features fully supported table and high rigidity traveling column. 
  • Vee and Flat table ways assure true tracking and greater table load support. Simple operation. Coarse Grinding, Fine Grinding, Spark-out and Tablr Stop are all displayed on the machine’s digital display.  
  • Infeed increments as fine as 0.00005″.  
  • Servo driven vertical feed.

ACC-DX Series Specifications
15 Sizes available
20″ x 48″ to 32″ x 120″

  • Table Working Area W x L: 20″ x 48″ to 32″ x 120″
  • Distance from Grinding Wheel to Table surface: 23.5″ to 27.3″ *
  • Grinding Wheel: 20″ x 3″ x 8″
  • Grinding Wheel Spindle: 20 hp
  • Floor Space: 213″ x 100″ x 86″ to 357″ x 125″ x 94″ *
  • Weight: 16,540 to 35,200 lbs *

*depending on model


The ACC-DX series stands out for its Heavy-Duty design and construction, and with Okamoto’s exclusive control system, it makes grinding large components simple and efficient. These machines are not just tools but steadfast partners in precision manufacturing, designed to provide long-term dependability without compromising on accuracy. For example, the fully supported table and high rigidity traveling column encompass the durability standards that Okamoto Column Grinding Solutions are known for. 

These automatic grinders feature an innovative control system for intuitive operation, creating seamless integration into any manufacturing process, making them ideal for industrial applications. Whether it’s achieving the tightest tolerances or handling complex grinding tasks, the ACC-DX Series is the perfect solution for any machine shop looking to remain competitive with the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry.

Standard Accessories

  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Adapter
  • Table Mounted Diamond Dresser
  • 20 hp Wheel Spindle Motor
  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Controller
  • Leveling Bolts with Plates
  • Necessary Tools & Tool Box

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator
  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator and Paper Filter System
  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Chuck Controller
  • Grinding Wheel Balancing Stand w/Arbor
  • Grinding Wheel Adapter
  • 30 hp Wheel Spindle Motor
  • Vertical Spindle Attachment w/Dressing Device
  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Regulator
  • Signal Light

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