Solid State Laser Technology for Tube and Structural Applications

The FG-220 cuts a large range of tube and pipe in round, square, rectangular and triangular shapes with rugged performance and precision with solid state laser-cutting technology. It can also process I and H beams, angle iron and additional user defined shapes with high precision and great 3D flexibility. The cast frame and four chuck support system provide greater rigidity in the cut zone allows for more weight, larger diameter, and longer lengths.

The 6-axis laser with automated load/unload functions that handle mill-length pipe and structural materials. The FG-220 can also cut any desired angle for weld prep and easy fit-up of assemblies with the great accuracy. Mazak has engineered a proprietary 3D cutting head for flexibility and a wide range of movement to expand the possible applications for this machine.


  • Rugged construction with four chuck system 
  • 3D laser-cutting precision reducing secondary processes
  • Proprietary 3D cutting head maximizes flexibility and expands range of applications 
  • Reduced secondary processes such as bending, welding, assembly, etc. 

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