FG-400 NEO

Designed to provide automatic and continuous 3D laser cutting of tube, pipe, and structural material with advanced technology for higher productivity and efficiency than conventional laser-cutting systems. The 3D cutting head maximizes flexibility and range of movement to expand possible applications. By adjusting beam shape/diameter offers, users have more control during the cutting process. The machine automatically adjusts beam diameter to accommodate the cutting of various materials and thicknesses. The FG-400 NEO is also equipped with beam shaping technology to control power density of where the laser beam is concentrated. A four-chuck work support system also extends the machine’s capabilities and prevents material distortion during processing. Additional equipment enables high accuracy cutting of heavier material with larger diameters and lengths.


  • SPACE GEAR MARK II is an affordable all-in-one laser center. Use its triple-mode, 6-axis capabilities to expand your shop’s horizons and raise yourself above the competition.
  • 2D mode is for flat sheet and plate up to .87″ thick.
  • 3D mode makes use of our compact cutting head with ±360° rotation in the A-axis and ±135° in the B-axis to maintain a normal cutting angle to all preformed sculptured surfaces. A non-contact profiler maintains a constant stand-off distance and eliminates marring of the part.
  • Tubes, pipes, and structural shapes can all be processed by adding a CNC rotary chuck and supports for long workpieces. In all, six axes of CNC control allow you to cut weld preps, angled features, and much more in a single setup.
  • Reduced secondary processes such as bending, welding, assembly, etc.
  • Cut heavier material with larger diameters and lengths with better accuracy. 

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