Linear B Series

Elevate your CNC shop’s standards with the solid construction and rigid design of Okamoto Surface Grinders, particularly the manual feed models from the Linear B Series. These grinders are known for their sturdy build for stability and smooth table movement for manufacturing environments. Featuring ergonomically designed hand wheels, Okamoto’s manual feed surface grinders prioritize operator comfort and control, making them an ideal choice for machine shops. They are not only user-friendly but also low-maintenance, catering to the efficiency and reliability demanded in metalworking settings.

Linear B Series Specifications

  • Maximum Grinding W x L: 6″ x 12″  to  6″ x 18″
  • Distance from Grinding Wheel to Table surface: 14.27″
  • Grinding Spindle: 2 hp
  • Weight (lbs): 1,850  to  2,070


Whether you’re working on final part sizing, squaring, surface finishing, or tool sharpening, the Linear B Series manual feed grinders excel across various applications. In any manufacturing workshop, you’ll likely find Okamoto Surface Grinders at the core of precision machining. The Linear B Series grinders are built on a foundation of solid construction and a rigid design. As a result, each piece is met with rigidity and stability, which is crucial for coarse grinding and precise finishes on more delicate projects. Okamoto’s commitment to innovation is evident in the low-maintenance nature of these machines. Designed to be user-friendly, they ensure that machine shops can maximize operational efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the workpiece. With this series, Okamoto continues to set the standard for surface grinding excellence, offering reliable and efficient solutions for any grinding application. 

Linear B Series Standard Accessories

  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Grinding Wheel with Adapter
  • Wheel Puller
  • Wheel Guard
  • Diamond Tool with Holder
  • Leveling Bolts & Pads
  • Necessary Tools & Tool Box
  • Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant System
  • Splashguard, Nozzle & Piping
  • Electro-magnetic Chuck
  • Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • Demagnetizing Control
  • Radius Dressing Device 25R (DRR-25B)
  • Micro-feeder for Cross Movement
  • Micro-feeder for Vertical Movement
  • Grinding Wheel Balancing Apparatus
  • Spare Grinding Wheel Adaptor

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