The CHNC Series is a pinnacle of large-scale, high-precision machining, providing a width capability up to 80 inches. These machines are a hallmark of the Okamoto Double Column Surface Grinders line, renowned for their robust design and construction, guaranteeing long-term precision and dependability for industrial applications. 

  • Heavy-Duty double column design and construction.
  • Rigid fixed crossrail design
  • High precision – Double Vee Guideways
  • Fully automatic versatile grinding and dressing cycles.
  • CNC controlled with Conversational Input
  • Space saving design

ACC-CHNC Series Specifications
8 Sizes available
41″ x 59″ to 78″ x 118″

  • Table Working Area W x L: 41″ x 59″ to 78″ x 118″
  • Maximum Grinding Height: 27.5″
  • Grinding Wheel: 20″ x 4″ x 8″
  • Grinding Wheel Spindle: 30 hp
  • Floor Space: 24′ x 160″ x 136″ to 36′ x 181″ x 156″ *
  • Weight: 37,485 to 59,535 lbs *

*depending on model


The ACC-CHNC Series is designed with a heavy-duty double column structure for space saving precision on the shop floor. This ensures accuracy and efficiency on large metalworking components. Okamoto engineers also equipped the series with CNC control and Conversational Input. This enables operators to perform complex grinding tasks with ease and precision. The fully automatic, versatile grinding and dressing cycles also enhance productivity and efficiency, making these CNC grinders a versatile tool in any metalworking environment.


Okamoto’s ACC-CHNC Series set a new standard for Industrial Double Column Grinders, designed to meet the standards of any modern CNC metalworking environments. This Okamoto CNC Double Column Grinding technology is a reliable, highly precise solution. As a result, they’re ideal for machine shops that need to process large components, or boost productivity with versatile grinding cycles. The ACC-CHNC Series will enhance any existing CNC machining workflow, especially for industries looking to push the boundaries of large-scale component processing.


ACC-CHNC Series Standard Accessories

  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Adapter
  • Fanuc 21iMB NC Control
  • Tabletop Dresser with Diamond Tools
  • Work Light
  • Leveling Blocks
  • Necessary Tools & Tool Box

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator
  • Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Separator and Paper Filter System
  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Automatic Wheel Balancer

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