High-Efficiency Machining Centers

This High-Performance Mazak Multiplex CNC Center delivers unparalleled productivity with its dual-spindle/dual-turret configuration. These turning spindles simultaneously machine two parts with identical performance for optimal efficiency on the front and back sides of parts, including milling operations. As a result, it’s ideal for mid-sized lot productions in single setups, promoting Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® philosophy.

MULTIPLEX W-300 Features:

  • Symmetrical machine design with dual-spindle/dual-turret
  • Center partition allows use as two separate machines
  • High-accuracy chucker and shaft machining
  • High-accuracy and high-speed workpiece transfers
  • Large window for excellent visibility of machine operation
  • Moveable CNC operation panel for operator ease of use
  • Easy MAZATROL conversational programming or EIA programming of multiple surface machining
  • MTConnect® ready for convenient networking
  • Ergonomic design for convenient operation and maintenance
  • Optional gantry loader system for complete automated production
  • New double wedge design offers superior chip disposal
Capacity Maximum Swing 16.93 in / 430 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 16.930 in / 430 mm
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 3.2 in / 80 mm
Maximum Machining Length 8.860 in / 225 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 10 in
Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 35 hp / 26 kw
Second Spindle Chuck Size 10 in
Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 35 hp / 26 kw
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 24
Maximum Speed 5000 rpm
Motor Output (25 ED Rating) 8 kw
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 12.20 in / 310 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 24.21 in / 615 mm
Travel (Z2 Axis) 24.21 in / 615 mm

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Precision and Synchronization on the MULTIPLEX W-300

Machinists will benefit from this Mazak Multiplex for complex part production because of the precise coordination, and efficiency from the synchronized rotation of the spindles. In addition, this synchronization minimizes the potential for errors, which streamlines the production process and enhances overall productivity. It also ensures high-accuracy part handoffs for operations in chucker and shaft work so that every component meets quality standards. As a result, manufacturers can confidently pursue intricate projects, knowing that the MULTIPLEX W-300 delivers consistent and reliable performance.


Streamlined Design for Maximum Efficiency

These Mazak Multiplex automation-ready machines decrease operating costs and minimize the need for operator intervention. This conservative initial investment makes it an appealing, cost-effective solution for sophisticated manufacturing operations. This innovative design not only elevates machining accuracy but also maximizes floor space efficiency. As a result, the MULTIPLEX W-300 contributes to a safer and more efficient working environment to further emphasize its value in the modern manufacturing landscape.


A New Standard in CNC Machining

The MULTIPLEX W-300 CNC Turning Center is tailored to the multifaceted requirements of contemporary manufacturing environments. For example, it seamlessly combines high-performance machining capabilities with cost efficiency and minimal operator reliance. Mazak’s commitment to providing high-performance multi-tasking machining centers ensures that machine shops equipped with the MULTIPLEX W-300 are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of modern production demands while achieving sustainable growth and innovation.


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