OGM-12•20NCAGIII Series

The Okamoto OGM-12•20NCAGIII series advanced CNC Angle Head Cylindrical Grinder sets a new benchmark for productivity, performance, and reliability in precision grinding. Engineered to enhance throughput without compromising quality, this machine allows for simultaneous O.D. and shoulder grinding, ensuring outstanding geometries and accuracies.
  • Simultaneous O.D. and Shoulder Grinding provides Optimum Work Throughput
  • Ultra-Rigid Cast Construction. Ballscrew upgrade available for extra heavy-duty grinding applications
  • FANUC 0-iD CNC features User-Friendly Conversational Software
  • Fully Enclosed Work Envelope
  • Automatic Dress and Dress Wear Compensation

OGM-12•20NCAGIII Series Specifications

  • Swing over Table: 12.6”
  • Distance Between Centers: 20″
  • Maximum Diameter to be Ground: 12″
  • Wheelhead Rapid Feed: 400 ipm
  • Grinding Spindle: 10 hp AC
  • Grinding Wheel (Dia x W x B): 18” x 3” x 8”
  • Floor Space (W x D x H): 134” x 89” x 79”
  • Weight: 9,000 lbs


The Okamoto OGM-12•20NCAGIII series has an optimized work throughput to perform simultaneous O.D. and shoulder grinding for optimum work throughput and exceptional geometries with each pass. This grinder also features an ultra-rigid cast construction with a ballscrew upgrade and a FANUC 0-iD CNC control for user-friendly precision and stability. In addition, the fully enclosed work envelope ensures operator safety and a controlled grinding environment for high quality finishes. To maintain optimal grinding conditions and extend tool life, the machine also includes automatic dress functionality and dress wear compensation. This feature guarantees consistent accuracy and reduced downtime for increased efficiency in the machine shop. 


This Okamoto CNC Cylindrical Grinding series offers advanced capability and reliability for a variety of applications. For example, aerospace, automotive, or specialized manufacturing industries will benefit greatly from the precision and efficiency for their cylindrical grinding operations. By choosing the OGM-12•20NCAGIII series, you’re investing in a machine that will deliver reliable performance, enhance productivity, and improve the overall workflow of your CNC metalworking processes. Trust in the high standards that Okamoto is known for and elevate your precision grinding operations to new heights with the OGM-12•20NCAGIII CNC Angle Head Cylindrical Grinder.


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