UGM-NC Series

Discover the pinnacle of precision with Okamoto’s universal cylindrical grinding machine, featuring an innovative B-axis design. This machine is at the forefront of Advanced Okamoto Grinding Technology, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of grinding requirements.


  • Double V table slideways
  • T-shaped machine bed
  • Temperature-stabilized spindles
  • Low-maintenance B-axis motor with direct drive
  • Directly powered ball screws

UGM NC Series Specifications

  • Maximum swing diameter: 320 mm
  • Max. distance between centres: 600 mm-1000 mm*
  • Swivel Angle (Automatic B axis): 0-240 degrees
  • Max. Weight between centres: 150 kg
  • Length x width: 278 x 275 cm- 318 x 275cm*

*Depending on model


The UGM-NC Series is equipped with a standard 10-step grinding program and optional profile grinding capabilities to simplify complex projects. This universal grinder ensures control and accuracy with a user-friendly touchscreen for grinding data entry, and Fanuc AC servomotors for wheel and work spindles. In addition, this Okamoto universal grinding machine features Double V Table Slideways and a T-Shaped Machine Bed for exceptional stability and precision. It also offers enhanced accuracy and reliability from a low-maintenance B-Axis motor with direct drive. This feature reduces maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Grinding operators can also ensure smooth, precise movements to enhance the overall quality with the directly powered ball screws. It also has a swing down wheel dressing device for easy, accurate dressing of the grinding wheel. The integration of these advanced features into Okamoto’s CNC Universal Grinding Solutions reflects an understanding for modern machining applications. This machine delivers reliability and precision on grinding tasks over extensive surface areas. In addition, its temperature-stabilized spindles and low-maintenance design make it the perfect addition to any CNC shop.


Choose Okamoto for industry-leading grinding technology that meets the exacting standards of modern manufacturing, ensuring your operations are equipped with the best grinding solutions.


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