Orbitec 20

Revolutionizing Large Part Machining 

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the Mazak Orbitec 20 CNC system, the cornerstone of large part machining centers designed to revolutionize your manufacturing process. The Orbitec 20 stands out in the industry by offering unmatched efficiency and precision in handling parts that are traditionally considered difficult or too large to rotate.

Orbitec 20 Features: 

  • Unique headstock design
  • High-precision large-component machining
  • Heavy duty integrated spindle motor
  • Automatic tool changing and 60-tool magazine
  • Large 19″diameter turning capability
  • Optional two-pallet changer and integration into PALLETECH system for linking with other Mazak machining centers in automated production cells
Capacity Pallet Size 24.800 in / 630 mm
Maximum Workpiece Diameter 41.340 in / 1050 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 51.180 in / 1300 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper Capto C8
Maximum Speed 600 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 40.0 hp / 30 kw
Magazine Number of Tools 60
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 11.02 in / 280 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 48.43 in / 1230 mm


Mazak Orbitec 20 – Efficiency and Precision for the Energy Sector

These automation-ready machines significantly reduce setup times and enhance throughput for challenging components. As a result, they enhance productivity and operational efficiency in the energy sector, especially when handling large, heavy, and awkward workpieces. By integrating PALLETECH technology, businesses can optimize their manufacturing operations for a more streamlined processes and higher output. This cost-effective solution extends across a broad spectrum of applications, especially in valve body production. In addition, the Orbitec 20 is highly versatile as it delivers precision and efficiency. For example, it has the capacity to complete more than 75% of valve applications in a singular setup while maintaining high tolerance requirements. These features allow machinists to set new industry standards for performance, productivity, and reliability. 


Patented Head-Design Technology for Unmatched Versatility

This PALLETECH turning machine features patented head-design technology to execute diverse operations, such as flange surface facing, conical boring of taper holes, face milling, and endmilling without the need for multiple setups. The High Precision Orbitec 20 CNC System ensures that the machining center’s head can adjust the rotation centerline. This feature allows for precise positioning of the turning centerline for complex applications. 


Mazak Orbitec 20 Automated Manufacturing Solutions

The Orbitec 20’s automation technology gives machine shops a competitive edge by helping them redefine their manufacturing capabilities. For example, it seamlessly integrates with Palletech systems to optimize efficiency, and decrease labor expenses for better production throughput. In conclusion, this machine streamlines manufacturing processes to ensure a robust return on investment through enhanced productivity and cost savings.


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