The IGM-15NCIII/2 represents the cutting-edge in CNC I.D./O.D. grinding technology, marking the latest milestone in Okamoto’s innovative internal grinding solutions. This machine combines rigid construction with premium components, ensuring not only prolonged peak precision but also an extended machine life, making it a cornerstone for any operation prioritizing longevity and accuracy in their grinding processes.
  • Twin spindle mode.
  • New Fanuc OiTD Control Touch Screen functionality combined with conversation input software.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Versatile grinding capability – Straight, Taper, Faces & Multi-Step. Grind I.Ds, O.Ds and Faces in a single chucking.
  • AC driven table with minimum feed increments of 0.00001″.
  • Minimum in feed increments as fine as 0.00001″ diameter.
  • High-performance wheel head with 3 programmable speeds.
  • Rigid work head with 100 to 850rpm speed.
  • Interrupt function enable in-process dressing in auto grinding cycle.

IGM-15NCIII/2 Specifications

  • Internal Diameter to be Ground: 0.24″ ~ 4″ If one spindle- 0.24″ ~ 6″
  • Maximum Grinding Stroke: 3.2″ If one spindle- 5″
  • Swing over table: 24″
  • Workhead Spindle Speed: 100 ~ 850 rpm
  • Grinding Spindle: 7.5 hp
  • Floor Space (LxWxH): 116″ x 101″ x 70″
  • Weight: 5,300 lbs


The IGM-15NCIII/2 features Advanced Okamoto Internal Grinding Technology, such as a new touch-screen CNC controller, and an interrupt function for in-process dressing during the auto grinding cycle. In addition, operators can effortlessly manage grinding processes with high-performance wheel head features, including three programmable speeds that cater to a variety of material types and grinding conditions.
With its robust construction, advanced control technology, and flexible spindle options, the IGM-15NCIII/2 sets a new standard in the realm of internal grinding capabilities. Whether for automotive components, aerospace parts, or precision machinery elements, this machine offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and adaptability. Embrace the future of internal grinding with the IGM-15NCIII/2, and experience the difference that Okamoto’s advanced grinding solutions can make in your precision manufacturing processes.
Standard Accessories
  • Fanuc Oi-Td Control
  • Oil Mist Unit
  • Oil Chill Unit
  • Dress Coolant Unit
  • Glass Scale Feedback (X-AXIS)
  • 2-Point Swing Type Dresser with Diamond Tool
  • Front Sliding Splashguard
  • Wheel Spindle Speed Meters
  • Wheel Spindle Load Meters
  • Work Spindle Inverter
  • Wheel Spindle Inverter
  • Workhead Speed Meter
  • Leveling Bolts & Pads
  • Necessary Tools & Tool Box
  • Work Light
Optional Accessories
  • Coolant Systems with Paper Filter, with Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator
  • Spindles 10,000/15,000/20,000/30,000/40,000/60,000 available
  • Single Point Form Dresser with Diamond Tool
  • Radius Dresser
  • Rotary Dresser
  • In-Process Gauging
  • Power Chuck
  • Collet Chuck
  • Specialty Chucks (contact Okamoto for types & models)
  • Run Light

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