The UGM-5V Universal Grinder by Okamoto is ideal for high-precision grinding on large components, making it an unparalleled choice for industries requiring accuracy and efficiency. The robust design and construction, paired with a powerful spindle motor, makes it easy to process large, tough-to-grind parts, setting a new standard for industrial internal grinding machines.
  • Angular, Internal, Cylindrical and Shoulder Grinding capability in a single set-up
  • Superb design and construction delivers extreme roundness accuracies of 0.9 micrometers
  • Single workpiece chucking optimizes straightness and cylindricity accuracies
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space
  • Standard rotary dresser
  • Automatic wheelhead swivel standard
  • Automatic Wheel Changer available

UGM-5V Specifications

  • Ground: 2.75” ~ 19.7”
  • Maximum Grinding Stroke: 17.75”
  • Work Rotation Speed: 10 ~ 500 rpm
  • Wheel Spindle Speed: 500 ~ 8,000 rpm
  • Grinding Spindle: 15 hp
  • Floor Space (L x W x H): 94” x 99” x 111”
  • Weight: 15,435 lbs


The UGM-5V CNC offers multifaceted grinding capability, including Angular, Internal, Cylindrical, and Shoulder Grinding within a single setup. This versatility, combined with an automatic tool changer, boosts grinding productivity and flexibility. As a result, it’s a standout in Okamoto High Performance Internal Grinders. In addition, the machine’s standard rotary dresser and automatic wheelhead swivel underscore its advanced functionality.


The Okamoto UGM-5V CNC internal grinder was designed for extreme roundness accuracies of 0.9 micrometers. Single workpiece chucking optimizes straightness and cylindricity, ensuring that each component meets stringent quality and precision standards. As a result, this industrial internal grinding machine is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of today’s advanced manufacturing landscapes. Despite its extensive capabilities, the UGM-5V CNC has a compact design to conserve floor space without compromising on performance. This design philosophy reflects Okamoto’s understanding on the importance of optimizing workshop real estate, providing a high-efficiency solution that fits seamlessly into any manufacturing environment.


The UGM-5V Universal Grinder from Okamoto redefines the possibilities of internal grinding, offering a comprehensive solution for high-precision, high-performance grinding needs. Its combination of angular grinding capability, accuracy, in a compact footprint makes it an essential addition to any CNC shop dedicated to leading-edge metalworking.


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