A Masterclass in Precision 5-Axis Micro Machining

The Mazak UD-400/5X is an advanced 5-axis machining center, embodying the pinnacle of precision engineering for micro machining. This machine is engineered to deliver unparalleled precision, accuracy, and speed, making it the ideal choice for industries requiring meticulous detail, such as mold and die making, medical and dental part production, and the crafting of precision instruments and impellers.

Designed for High-Speed Precision

This machining center features an extremely fast main spindle, equipped with core cooling to handle high-speed operations effortlessly. the spindle’s integral 45,000-rpm HSK-E40 configuration ensures extreme speed and accuracy for precision micro machining, where even the slightest deviation can impact the final product’s quality.

UD-400/5X Features:

  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • Perfect for processing small components
  • Integral 45,000-rpm HSK-E40 spindle for extreme speed and accuracy
  • B- and C-axis titling/rotary table features all direct-drive motors
  • Spindle and ballscrew cooling systems minimize heat generation
  • Thermal shield automatically compensates for changes in ambient room temperature
  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance
Capacity Maximum Workpiece Diameter 15.750 in / 400 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 11.810 in / 300 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper HSK-E40
Magazine Number of Tools 40
Rotary Axes Spindle Tilt (B axis) 150 degrees
Table Indexing (C axis) 360.0000 degrees
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 21.65 in / 550 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 15.75 in / 400 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 13.78 in / 350 mm

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Unmatched Rigidity and Stability on the UD-400/5X

The double-column construction prioritizes rigidity and stability throughout the symmetrical design to minimize heat displacement and ensure consistent accuracy. In addition, the high-rigidity base and column significantly reduce vibration during high-speed machining. This stability is also enhanced by the advanced spindle and ballscrew cooling systems, which minimize heat generation during intensive use. Despite these advanced capabilities, the UD-400/5X has a compact, user-friendly design with a small footprint for easy installation and maintenance. As a result, it’s an ideal solution for facilities where space is at a premium. In addition, the direct-drive motor B- and C-axis tilting/rotary table increases the machine’s efficiency for smooth, precise positioning.


Automatic Thermal Compensation

The UD-400/5X thermal shield automatically compensates for changes in ambient room temperature. This ensures continuous, high-accuracy machining even in fluctuating environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for demanding precision engineering tasks.


Your Partner in Precision Micro Machining

Mazak is committed to providing multi-tasking 5-axis solutions that meet the exacting standards of precision engineering. Whether you’re producing complex medical components, intricate molds and dies, or other high-precision parts, this machine offers the speed, accuracy, and reliability needed to compete at the highest levels.


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