Vortex Horizontal Profiler 160 XP

Elevate Aerospace Manufacturing

This 5-axis horizontal machining center combines power, speed, and accuracy to revolutionize the manufacturing processes of medium and large aerospace parts. The Vortex Horizontal Profiler 160 XP sets a new industry standard for unparalleled cutting performance with a powerful 60-hp, 26,000-rpm HSK-A63 spindle that effortlessly cuts through challenging materials. For operations that demand even greater speed, an optional spindle capable of reaching 30,000 rpm ensures that CNC machine shops can keep pace with the most demanding cutting requirements. This adaptability makes this Mazak 5-axis horizontal CNC machine an ideal solution for a wide array of aerospace manufacturing tasks.

Vortex Horizontal Profiler 160 XP Features:

  • Integral motor-spindle design rotates at exceptionally high speeds 
  • Tool magazine capacity of up to 60 tools offers machining versatility
  • Fast rapid traverse rates ensure high levels of productivity
  • Rotary/tilt table has a +/- 200º C-axis rotation and a +/- 100º A-axis tilt 
  • 50-rpm direct-drive motors power both C and A axes
  • Integrated base, column and table construction ensures high rigidity 
  • Advanced coolant system offers efficient chip evacuation
  • Optional rotary-type two-table changer further boosts productivity
Capacity Table Right/Left 157.480 in / 4000 mm
Table Longitudinal 62.990 in / 1600 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper HSK-A63/80mz
Maximum Speed 30000 rpm
Magazine Number of Tools 60
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 165.35 in / 4200 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 59.06 in / 1500 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 21.65 in / 550 mm

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Enhanced Tooling and Versatility on the Vortex Horizontal Profiler 160 XP

To complement its powerful spindle, this machine has a standard tool storage capacity of 30, with optional expansion to the 60-tool magazine. This versatility supports a seamless transition between diverse production needs without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. In addition, the expansive 157” x 49″ vertically oriented worktable is built to support a maximum load of 6,615 pounds for substantial aerospace components. This innovative design permits horizontal worktable positioning to facilitate effortless part loading and setup, which enhances efficiency and reduces downtime.


Robust Design for Consistent Performance

This 5- axis horizontal CNC machining center features a symmetrical, rugged box-type design to deliver consistent, high-quality results. This integration of base, column, and table engineering ensures a highly rigid cutting environment, which is critical for precision. Moreover, its advanced coolant and chip disposal system minimizes heat displacement to stabilize the machining process and ensure superior part quality.


Discover Advanced CNC 5-Axis Machining Solutions

This Mazak machine represents the forefront of 5-axis machining technology. Integration of these CNC solutions help engineers achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, precision, and flexibility, especially in the aerospace industry. Equip your operation with the Vortex Horizontal Profiler 160 XP and redefine the possibilities of aerospace component manufacturing.


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