UPZ-8•20 CNC High Precision Form Grinder

Reach a new level of accuracy with the Okamoto UPZ-8•20 CNC High Precision Form Grinder. Featuring a rigid design & construction with premium grade components throughout to assure long-lasting high-precision performance and grinding flexibility on your most complex components.
  • Rigid Traveling Column Type Construction
  • Digital Scale Feedback System for Vertical and Cross Movement
  • Linear Motor Longitudinal Table Drive delivers High Speed Stroke
  • Precise Positioning and Slit Grinding Capability
  • Multi-Positioning Capability ideal for Small Lot Varied Item Production
  • FANUC 0-iMF 3-axes, Simultaneous 2-axes
  • Half-Table-Enclosed Splashguard standard
  • Standard 3 Point Dresser with Rotary Dresser Available as Optional

UPZ-8•20 CNC High Precision Form Grinder Specifications

  • Table Size (W x L): 8.7″ x 21.7″
  • Dist. from Table Top to Grinding Wheel Bottom: 0.49″ ~15.6″
  • Standard Chuck size (W x D x H): 8″ x 20″ x 3.1″
  • Max. Table Load (incl. Chuck): 133 lbs


Okamoto’s commitment to innovation is evident in the UPZ-8•20 CNC High Precision Form Grinder, making it a symbol of premium grinding equipment. This machine is engineered for superior grinding capabilities with efficiency and precision from a robust design to integrate the state-of-the-art technology into your CNC workflow. The UPZ-8•20 CNC High Precision Form Grinder is optimized for high-precision tasks, setting industry benchmarks for accuracy and quality in surface grinding.


This Okamoto saddle grinder redefines the possibilities of CNC surface grinding, and offers solutions to meet the intricate needs of precision-focused industries. Its advanced features and flexibility in handling complex components make it an essential asset for achieving optimal grinding results. Trust in this CNC saddle grinder to enhance your production line’s industrial grinding standards.


  • Feedrate:
  • 0.3 ~ 82 ft/min
  • High Speed Table Oscillation:
  • 500 strokes/min
  • Minimum Increment:
  • 0.00001″
  • Feedrate:
  • 3.2 ~ 79 in/min
  • Minimum Increment:
  • 0.00001″
  • Feedrate:
  • 3.2 ~ 79 in/min
  • Minimum Increment:
  • 0.00001″
  • Size (D x W x B):
  • 8″ x 0.5″ x 1.25″
  • Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor:
  • 5 hp
  • L x W x H: 91″ x 92″ x 88″
  • WEIGHT: 10,000 lbs

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